The 2011 Detroit Auto Show is just around the corner, and Porsche is gearing up for what one representative calls a "spectacular" premiere. What, exactly, will this awesome new model be? Good question. All we know is that something new is definitely coming, confirmed today by Porsche.

The official statement: "Porsche will be giving a new model its world debut." That's all we have to work with. So what could it be? The 2012 Cayman R is already out, revealed at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, and though it's certainly a driver's choice, it's not quite what we'd call "spectacular." The 918 Spyder, on the other hand, is most certainly spectacular, and already confirmed for production, but it's a bit soon after its unveiling as a concept to be revealed in production trim, though it remains a strong possibility.

Another strong possibility: a new 356 based on the Volkswagen Bluesport. Calling any VW-based Porsche "spectacular" is also a stretch, but if Porsche has put enough of their own stamp on it, a bargain-priced, high-performing model could certainly deserve the appellation.

Porsche spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode however, played coy earlier this month, telling Bloomberg, "You'll have to wait and be surprised." If you don't want to wait any longer than you must, you can catch a live stream of the unveiling at Porsche's site (not yet live).

We're waiting. Impatiently.

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