Chrysler 300 SRT10 teaser

Chrysler 300 SRT10 teaser

It's hard to beat American muscle for hauling tail in a straight line and one of the best in the business is Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology division, or SRT for short. The Chrysler go-fast division has built some memorable cars in the past, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, one of the fastest SUVs in the world, as well as a string of high-performance Dodge Viper supercars, and now there’s this very special Chrysler 300 SRT10.

Yes, you read that correctly. The SRT10 badge on the rear of this Chrysler 300 implies that there is a V-10 powerplant lurking under its hood. However, we can sadly report that the Viper-powered Chrysler 300 is not an official project but rather the brainchild of Derek Ekins, who built the car in his own garage.

The fact that it was posted on the official Dodge blog, Red Letter Dodge, fooled many--including us--that this could be heading for production in some way, shape or form, especially with the current Chrysler 300 set to be replaced at the end of the year by a brand new model. However, this isn’t the case. Still, the car is an exciting showcase of the talent and ingenuity that some of Chrysler’s fans posses.

Under the hood of the modified Chrysler 300 sits an 8.3-liter V-10 engine churning out 525 horsepower. Other modifications include a T56 Tremec six-speed manual transmission, an Aeromotive fuel tank, a 3 inch C&R racing radiator and a Sprinter oil filter, Eibach adjustable coil-overs and a sway bar kit.

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