Drag racing is a special kind of motorsport, lived in incredibly short bursts dotted between marathon wrenching sessions to keep the high-strung, high-output cars working at their best. American muscle has long been a preferred base for some of the most dedicated draggers, and the 2011 Ford Mustang is no exception, as this video of a highly-modified car running 8.89 seconds at 147 mph in the quarter proves.

How do you turn a stock 2011 Mustang into a straight-strip Satan? Hand the car over to Evolution Performance, and they'll start with a hand-built 5.0-liter engine, add an air-to-water intercooled F1C Procharger at 24 pounds of boost, some longtube headers, and a whole bunch of extra fuel and other bits, then run it all through a Pro-Formance C4 Transmission and a N2MB two-step WOT box. Then hang on for dear life.

[via Mustangs Daily]