We woke up this morning not knowing what to expect. It turns we had even less of an idea than we thought we did. Frenetic mayhem is the only phrase I can find to describe what went on inside the Camaro SS. But as crazy as it got, it was fun.

The day started out well enough. Feeling good from our success at the track on Friday, we hit the road for our first batch of missions, and accomplished them smoothly, though we missed one 10-point bonus. At lunch, we felt like we had a pretty good handle on the day. Then things went a bit sideways.

To save you the blow-by-blow, I'll go over the lessons we've learned about adventure rally driving. First, don't trust your navigation system, even if you have three different ones all telling you the same thing. They will lead you far off the intended path, likely into a 50-mile cellular dead zone. Twice.

Second, trust your gut. If the navigation system says one thing and your insticts tell you differently, the navigation is probably wrong. A corollary of this is to trust the locals when you ask for directions, especially if they disagree with the phone/nav/computer in your lap, but beware: the quality of those directions will vary widely. Some will be flat out wrong. This is where the gut comes back into play.

Third, no matter how intent you are on winning, you have to enjoy the process or you're missing the point. The most fun is being had by teams not all that concerned with winning, and yet a couple of those teams are right near the top of the rankings, either through experience or sheer cool-headed enjoyment of the game.

Finally, if you ever get the opportunity to do something like this, do it. Don't hesitate. Don't rationalize yourself out of it. Just jump at the chance and don't look back.

For a sampling of some of the fun, sometimes wacky things we got up to today--and the best guess at what we'll face tomorrow, check out our official mission photos in the gallery above.