The next stage of BMW’s electric vehicle rollout program is about to commence, with the automaker announcing today markets that will participate in the 1-Series ActiveE field trial when it begins next summer.

Just as they have for the initial MINI E trial, the New York metro market and the Greater Los Angeles Area will again play key roles. In Southern California, the metropolitan market of San Diego will also be included. Other markets will include Northern California, the Greater San Francisco and Sacramento areas, Connecticut and Boston.

2009 BMW Concept ActiveE

2009 BMW Concept ActiveE

A glimpse of the BMW ActiveE was first seen with the Concept ActiveE at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. Based on the chassis of a BMW 1-Series Coupe, the 1-Series ActiveE features a newly developed electric drivetrain and a lithium-ion battery developed in cooperation with SB-LiMotive. It offers four passenger seating and approximately seven cubic-feet of luggage capacity. Based on realistic simulations, the sprint from 0-60 mph requires approximately 8.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is electronically limited at around 90 mph in order to preserve battery life. Participants in the trial can expect a roughly 100 mile range on a single charge.

The lithium-ion battery specially developed for this vehicle supplies energy to the motor and all other functions of the 1-Series ActiveE. The batteries have their own liquid cooling system and intelligent battery management system, which are key elements in increasing both the storage capacity and the durability of the battery.

For BMW, experience gained in this second stage trial will prepare for the launch of its purpose-designed Megacity Vehicle in 2013.