Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

If you're a sports fan, you know Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a boxing legend.

If you're a Dancing With The Stars fan, you know Floyd Mayweather Jr. as that buff dude who got axed pretty early in season five.

And if you're a news junkie, you know Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the guy who paid an extended social call to the Las Vegas jail over the weekend on charges of grand larceny.

But no matter how you know Mayweather's name, you'll be happy to know that he rolled right out of his cell and into the backseat of a Maybach.

Was it his? Probably. What flavor? Hard to say. (Possibly a 57S to replace the one that the bank repossessed a couple of years ago.) All we know for sure is that we have to pinch ourselves from typing "Maybach" every time we mean to type "Mayweather", so when the guy finally grows tired of getting smacked around for a living, he could have a cushy endorsement deal to fall back on. Assuming Maybach's still around, of course. 

[TMZ via Marty]