It looks like MINI UK has pulled a big about-face on the Paris design concept and related competition for tickets to the September 23 unveiling, pulling the photo from the Facebook page and saying the car is nothing but a standard Countryman. The move was made to "avoid confusion."

Of course, confusion would have been better avoided by not posting the teaser and contest in the first place. If anything, we're more confused now: if there is no design concept or unveiling, what exactly was MINI UK on about? If there is to be an unveiling, why withdraw the Facebook post? It doesn't make much sense either way.

For now we're going to chalk this up to a simple error from one of MINI's regional offices, but we'll be keeping our ears to the ground as the Paris Auto Show approaches just in case this is a bit of obfuscation to mislead us from the truth.

So far, the only things MINI has confirmed for Paris are a trio of ... electric scooters.