We wish someone were making this up. Maybe then we could explain how so many examples of the still new 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia have been damaged in such a short space of time. If you haven’t been counting, the tally already stands at 10 in the past 9 months--not including one car that was destroyed when the warehouse it was sitting in burned to the ground.

The curse of the 458 Italia continues today with yet another damaged car, this time an example engulfed in flames somewhere in China, bringing the tally up to 11. Depressing, disturbing, and just plain sad, the video starts with the car already mostly engulfed in flames.

Once again, the fire is said to have started in the car’s engine bay; the fourth time this has happened in a 458 Italia that we know of. Ferrari is reportedly investigating the problem now but there is still no official word from the automaker that the cars are unsafe.