2010 Volkswagen Eos

2010 Volkswagen Eos

Somehow, The Bachelorette is still on the air, which probably means that someone is still watching it, which probably means that some people out there know who Ali Fedotowsky is.

We are not those people. However, her name shows up a lot in the news feeds, and it's fairly hard to miss, so in our minds, she's become kind of famous just for having a surname that's really hard to spell.

Apart from that, all we know for sure is that Ali originally hails from Massachusetts, she's become a California girl, she's cute in a Jessica Simpson kind of way, and she's going to ride that fame pony 'till it drops. Sadly, it may drop sooner rather than later because her fame pony of choice is a Volkswagen Eos.

It's been nice knowing you, Ali. Say hello to Justin Guarini for us.