Ten Cars NBA Players Will Be Driving Ten Years From Now

LeBron James

LeBron James

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With all the talk of LeBron's departure from Cleveland, I've been wondering what I'd do with that kind of salary. There is no doubt that my dream cars would come in at the top of my list. Rumor has it, "King" James has developed a nice little car collection of his own. He has become a superstar. His potential seems to have no bounds (as does his ego, depending who you ask). People want to wear what he wears, go where he goes, and drive what he drives. He's not the only one, either. NBA stars have the means to drive the cars most of us will only see on magazine covers and posters.

These days, that usually means SUVs with maximum bling, the biggest and best of Europe's luxury offerings, and some of the most rare and powerful supercars in the world. With the whole industry heading in a much greener direction, what will NBA giants be lusting after a decade from now?  With so much uncertainty surrounding alternative fuels, and ever-changing emissions regulations, it's a tough prediction to make. At the risk of being proven completely wrong, I'm going to take a stab at it. Here are ten cars (in no particular order) I think have a good chance of being status symbols in 2020.

Mercedes-Benz S Class
It's big, it's beautiful, and it's expensive. It's been around for a long time, and doesn't appear to have any plans of quitting. It's already popular among athletes and celebrities alike, with a well established reputation. These guys need room for their heads and legs. The S-Class has it, along with one of the most comfortable rides you could ask for. Our favorite west coast superstars should feel at home in one of these.

BMW 7 Series
For the same reasons the S Class makes the list, BMW's biggest sedan is an obvious pick, if you ask me. Leg room, head room, style, comfort, and the legendary BMW sports car performance. Most importantly, you can fit some seriously huge rims under those fenders. A few of LeBron's new Miami buddies will probably be sporting one of these. As a side note, heavily modified versions of the Benzes and Bimmers are available too, from groups like AMG and Alpina.

Porsche Panamera
It's not everyone's favorite, but it has a lot going for it. It's an easy purchase for a superstar's income to swallow, and you won't see too many on the road. The Panamera is one of the first in this new class of luxury sport sedans born from exotic coupes. Porsche's first saloon is a good choice for the trendsetting players with deep pockets. It's roomy and fast. Fast is always good. Always.

Range Rover
There's no question that the Range Rover's got serious style. The extinction of the Hummer will leave a substantial gap in the world of celebrity-loved SUVs. The Range Rover is big enough to make a bold statement, but scheduled to be more environmentally friendly, thanks to the upcoming hybrid drivetrain. The Range Rover is a sensible choice for the ball handling Bulls up in Chicago. Why not venture out into the snowy winters with style?

Dodge Challenger
First of all, LeBron bought one, so it's got definite potential. If you're not a hardcore Camaro or Mustang fan, the awesome styling of the Challenger can pretty easily draw you in. You can get one with lots of power, too. If it survives longer than its first generation, it should still be a good option for ballers looking for American Muscle 2020. The Charger is a sure way for future Detroit players to remind the rest of the world who's boss when it comes to tire smokin' power.

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