Rolls Royce Phantom with bespoke picnic set

Rolls Royce Phantom with bespoke picnic set

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MARIAH: Looka here: I said you'd best find us a Mickey D's, and you'd best do it now.

NICK: Aw, c'mon, baby. Ain't none of my homeboys ever seen a Rolls-Royce, much less a Phantom Drophead Coupe.

MARIAH: It's "Coupé", dummy.

NICK: Coupe, coupé: don't get all highfalutin' on me, Miss Long Island. Just because your mama was an opera singer --

MARIAH: Watch the road, Jeeves.

NICK: Look, my peeps are up here havin' a little Memorial Day pizz-ow-wow. I just wanna stop by for a sec so they can get worked up over this ride.

MARIAH: Which I bought you, and which I can taketh away, unless you getteth me to some French fries and a Filet-O-Fish with double tartar sauce on the fly.

NICK: You know, I'm starting to think you may be pregnant after all.

MARIAH: You sayin' I'm fat?

NICK: Well, you're not there yet, but you've whipped out the TomTom, and you're making good time.

MARIAH: (Speechless fury)

NICK: I mean...I mean...I mean, no, you're not fat at all, my little pork dumpling...

MARIAH: (Still speechless)

NICK: Um, darling.

MARIAH: ...Hmph.

NICK: But seriously: you sure you don't want a salad instead?