Last October we brought you word of the first reports that Lexus was working on a stripped-down track-day version of the 2012 Lexus LFA supercar. Then in March, Lexus revealed the first details for its new supercar, or more accurately, new supercar package, the LFA Nurburgring Package.

Aimed at hardcore track driving enthusiasts, or simply the insanely rich, the LFA Nurburgring Package will set you back $70,000 on top of the $375,000 you would have to fork out for an actual LFA, which in turn can only be leased. If that’s not enough, Lexus also offers its special LFA matt black finish for an additional $20,000.

Limited to just 50 units, the Nurburgring Package adds an extra 10 horsepower, bringing the LFA’s power output to 562 horsepower, as well as a number of other styling and performance modifications. Greater downforce has been gained through revisions and additions to several of the LFA’s carbon-fiber components, including a larger front spoiler, side fin-type spoilers and a new fixed rear wing.

Handling modifications include sports tuning of the suspension and mesh-type wheels shod with dedicated high-grip tires.

Thanks to these changes, the 0-62 mph run in the LFA still takes just 3.7 seconds and top speed of 202 mph is also maintained. This is in spite of the extra drag created by the new aerodynamic elements.