As we reported last week, Lexus performed a remarkably quick turnaround in fixing its 2010 Lexus GX 460's stability control. The problem was exposed by Consumer Reports, which placed the SUV on its "do not buy" list as a result. The GX 460 is now off the list, and back in sales, and this video shows us the difference made by the new stability software.

While the first video was dramatic, some criticized the "do not buy" rating for the GX because the SUV didn't actually roll over--it just slid out of control. But comparing the previous stability control to what we can only call the actually-functional revised version, it's clear that a major improvement was needed, and made.

While we don't get the screech of the tires in the video, we can see a small spray of black dust when the car begins to slide, but then is rapidly reined in by the computer. The lift-off throttle into a high-speed corner may not be a common one on the street, but we know which one we'd want to be in if it did happen.