2010 Audi R8 V-10

2010 Audi R8 V-10

When we think "Chris Rock", we don't immediately think, "Audi R8".

Not that we dispute the fact that it's him behind the wheel of Audi's hottest ride, cruising the streets of Santa Monica and perhaps trying to dream up a new sitcom to take the place of the brutally murdered Everybody Hates Chris. It's just that...well, if we were playing a game of free-association (it's Wednesday, anything can happen), and someone shouted out "Chris Rock", we'd probably shout back "Mercedes", or "Jaguar", or even "Bentley". Unless we were totally drunk (again: Wednesday), we wouldn't be inclined to shout out "Audi R8", partly because the R8 does plenty of shouting on its own: it says "I HAVE INSECURITY ISSUES". And Chris Rock has none of those.

Wow. All that shouting was exhausting. We need a nap.

Before we go, though: when journalists see celebrities with other people's kids, do they always assume that the kid is some secret love child? It's called BABYSITTING, people, and it's an easy way to earn ten bucks an hour.