2010 aston martin dbs volante 013

2010 aston martin dbs volante 013

Clearly, we are in the wrong profession.

At some point, we were told, "Oh, yeah: writers make bank. You will totally do awesome if you string together words for a living." It made sense at the time, but several years and numerous credit reports later, we're less convinced.

On the other hand, if we had been told, "Oh, yeah: ice skaters are rolling in it. You will be up to your elbows in Benzes and babes if you strap on those blades, Hans Brinker", we would've probably laughed out loud. C'mon, how could anyone who wears that much lycra be filthy rich?

But as we've recently begun to realize, Denise Austin wears lots of lycra. Richard Simmons: he wears it, too. Olivia Neutron Bomb even sported it a couple of times, to great effect. And those guys really ARE rolling in it. *Smacks head*

As if that weren't enough evidence, now we have more: ice skater Evan Lysacek says that he's planning to give himself a wee treat after winning gold at the Winter Olympics -- the treat being a brand spanking new Aston Martin DBS.

Apparently, Lysacek already drives a Range Rover, and was considering moving over to a Bentley like the other British "B": Beckham. But with a big hunk of precious metal resting comfortably in the crevice of his sternum, he's opted to go with the $270,000+ Aston so he can be "Just like Bond".

Evan, if you're reading this: you seem like a cool guy and everything, and the DBS is seriously amazing, but c'mon. You live in Los Angeles. You date high-profile lady athletes. You're tan. Do you really want to live the That Guy stereotype? Someone might think you're compensating for something.

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