Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Possible reasons that Gerard Butler is giving us the "atsa matta you" face:

A) Because after a while, the paparazzi are just plain irritating. ("Dude, I was basically naked for 90% of 300. What more do you want to see?")

B) Because he understands that, as a B+ celeb, we expect better from him than a run-of-the-mill Range Rover. ("Dude, lay off. My Prius is in the shop. Like EVERY OTHER PRIUS.")

C) Because someone just told him that he has the same wheels as Gwen Stefani. ("Dude, no way am I driving some hollaback ride. Dammit, and I just bought this thing...")

D) Because according to Google Street View, he's illegally parked.  ("Dude, it doesn't count if I'm community with my yogi.")

E) Because he's starring in a biopic about Joe Dolce and the highs and lows of one-hit-wonderdom. ("Dude, I'm in character. I'm a talented actor and junk.")

F) Because he's starring in a biopic about John Travolta's Sweathogs years. ("Dude, if I ace this performance, maybe Travolta and Cruise will let me move to step two in the initiation rites for their little alien glee club. Between you and me, I'm getting kinda tired of step one.")

We're inclined to go with G: ALL OF THE ABOVE.