Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson

You love cars. You drive them, you polish them, you might even race them. You've been known to eat car-shaped objects. You know the Hamster, the Stig, Captain Slow and Jezza better than you know your own family. So put that fanaticism to good use and win yourself a two-season set of Top Gear DVDs and some other cool stuff.

That's right, it's time for another High Gear Media writing contest, and this time, the prizes include Top Gear seasons 11 and 12 on DVD, a 2010 Top Gear calendar, a Top Gear mug, and a $15 iTunes gift certificate so you can buy season 13 episodes. Yeah, it's no Tesla Roadster road test, but it beats a punch in the mouth.

Just submit an article between now and midnight PST February 5th, and if it makes the grade to publish on one of High Gear's 75-plus automotive sites, it's an entry into the contest. The winner will be chosen at random from among the published entries. (Full rules and details here).

The more you write, the more entries you get, so gear up, get focused and show us what you've got. The Stig is waiting.

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