GM electric motor production

GM electric motor production

GM will expand its in-house electric vehicle development capabilities by becoming the first major automaker in the U.S. to design and manufacture its own electric motors for future hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

While the news is nothing to rave about, GM has revealed that its first electric motors will debut in its next-generation rear-wheel drive Two-mode hybrid system. The new system will use two unique motor designs and an internal combustion engine to provide improved fuel efficiency compared with the current Two-mode hybrid technology in GM’s full-size pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

Whether or not GM will use its next-generation Two-mode hybrid system solely for its pickup trucks and SUVs remains to be seen but the idea of a sporty rear-wheel drive Cadillac hybrid is palatable.

The electric motors will be manufactured in the U.S. for which GM is investing more than $246 million.

GM is not alone among U.S. manufacturers in bringing batteries in-house. Ford announced that it will bring the design and manufacture of battery packs back to the U.S., starting in 2012, for future electric vehicles and its next generation of hybrids. Additionally, GM won't produce all of its own motors, at least at first. Different uses--mild hybrids, full hybrids, and electric vehicles--require different types of motors.

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