The U.S. is still without a Formula 1 race after a falling out with Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2007, but Canada is slated to return to the schedule this June with the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Red Bull Racing recently hit the frozen Olympic Basin to run the car on ice as a promo for the event.

And as promos go, this one's pretty interesting. Featuring an ice-hockey game interrupted by the wail of an F1 V-8 engine, the powersliding Red Bull F1 car sprays ice and snow at the hands of former Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi.

Buemi enjoyed the task of testing the car for fun. Shod with the only set of Bridgestone Potenza F1 snow tires in the world, the car does a better-than-expected job of getting around on the slippery surface. Buemi said of the experience, "A bit cold but in the end, it is good to be back!”

[Red Bull Racing via Ryan O'Keefe]