It's official: every celebrity worth his/her swag bag is vacationing in St. Barts. Yesterday, we spotted Lindsay Lohan flashing her badonkadonk to 95% of the island's population while shopping with George Lucas and riding shotgun in a Suzuki Jimmy. We've also spied Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Jason Statham, Gwen Stefani, Linda Evangelista, and freakin' Beyonce frolicking in paradise and enjoying weather that is nothing like the eternal York Peppermint Patty of an artic blast we're experiencing at Stalag HighGearMedia. Who the heck is left in the U.S.? Aside from Jim Belushi and Dean Cain, we mean.

As if to prove our point, Usher has now been spotted on the island in the photo linked below, motoring around the streets in a MINI Cooper. We wouldn't have pegged him for a MINI kind of guy, but as with LiLo: when in St. Barts...

Also, ladies, please note: Usher seems to be flying solo. But despite the MINI's size, there's definitely room for two in there -- or four. Grab a plane ticket and put your Tetris skills to the test.