Ford Microsoft SYNC

Ford Microsoft SYNC

Ford will be enhancing the capabilities of its vehicles by introducing exclusive new SYNC features that will enable the installation of third-party software applications or “apps” similar to those used by Apple for its iPhone.

Codenamed SyncLink, the feature will allow companies to develop new applications for Sync in an open source environment and could eventually allow drivers to connect to a multitude of different Web applications such as music, maps, and Facebook functions.

Apple already offers more than 100,000 different apps for its iPhone and Ford potentially could do the same for its cars. This would be in addition to the voice recognition and text-message reader already available.

SyncLink is currently in the testing phase and should be available next year for both new vehicles and existing Sync-equipped ones. Ford is expected to preview the system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7.

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