Like Justin Timberlake's Audi A5, the Audi Q7 isn't the first vehicle we'd expect to find in Orlando Bloom's garage. Given that the guy is just 32, we'd imagine him behind the wheel of something slightly snazzier (although the Q7's ruggedness suits his adventurous demeanor pretty well). Also, the Q7's a bulky crossover, with far more room than the very skinny Mr. Bloom needs to tote himself and his equally thin girlfriend, model Miranda Kerr, around LA. Could Orlando be hinting at plans to enlarge the family? (Baby bumps are this season's Birkin bag, so we wouldn't be surprised.)

On the plus side, Bloom is driving the diesel variant of the car, which is totally in keeping with his European roots. And the Q7 is thoroughly practical, which is always a nice sign from young, moneyed Hollywood. (By contrast, John Mayer's cars are a little predictable -- awesome, but predictable. Just sayin'.) And although it's not as fuel-efficient as eco-poster-child Kerr [vaguely NSFW] would probably like, the Q7 TDI still gives Bloom a tinge of green cred, without forcing him into a Toyota Prius.

Bottom line: it's an interesting, if unexpected choice for Mr. Bloom. And really, on an otherwise uninspiring Monday, we can't ask for more than that.