Buick's image re-invention campaign is well underway with the new Enclave, and especially the very solid LaCrosse, but many are still looking forward to Buick's next major product: the 2011 Buick Regal. Just a couple days ago Buick gave us all a taste of what's to come with two official spy shots posted to its Facebook page, and today they've given us a Blair Witch-like preview of the car.

The video doesn't reveal a whole lot--it appears to be the same car leaked from a dealer presentation earlier this month (pictured in the gallery above) right down to the European-style license plate blank. So don't expect the final product to be identical to what you see here. Do expect it to be about 99% the same, however.

The spy shots revealed earlier this week also show little except that Buick is working hard to build hype and interest in the car in advance of its production debut. We already know the car will be very similar to the Chinese-market Buick Regal, which is itself based closely on the European Opel Insignia.

Previous photos, including one leaked from a presentation of an early prototype to U.S. dealers, depict the car as essentially the Chinese-market car with a slightly reworked front fascia and grille area. The interior is likely to vary somewhat as well, though the Chinese design influence on the new LaCrosse is seen as one of its strong points, so the U.S. car may end up very close to its Chinese-market doppelganger both inside and out.

Power for the 2011 Regal is tipped as coming from the 180-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder due to be added to the LaCrosse later this year, and a likely optional upgrade to the 3.0-liter V-6 also found in the LaCrosse. Whether the Regal might also get the 3.6-liter V-6 from the LaCrosse in a sort of performance variant is still up in the air. When it does arrive--sometime in late 2010--expect it to cost around $24,000 to start in order to leave room for the $27,835 base price of the LaCrosse.

For the background on the 2011 Regal's progress, check out our coverage of the car's official confirmation here.