This is NOT the car that crashed into a British store.

This is NOT the car that crashed into a British store.

What happens when you combine alcohol, anger, and a large luxury car? Well, in England, you get a very upset man who plowed his 1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit into a Tesco store.

According to the fellas over at Autoblog, who picked up the story from the Telegraph, a one Robert Caton of Andover, England, ordered a bedroom set over the phone from Tesco Direct. When it arrived without the mattress, the 50-year-old Caton set off to the local Tesco store in Andover and tried to straighten things out with the staff. This proved fruitless, since the mattress was ordered via telephone, and that department is separate from the retail store. A drunken Caton got agitated, and not long after he asked a security guard how long it would take to evacuate the store, he aimed his car at the store and took out a brick wall, lots of glass, and two cash registers. He made it about 15 feet into the store.

Six women were treated for minor injuries. Caton admitted to "dangerous driving" and "failure to submit a breath specimen," according to the Telegraph. He denied a charge of "causing criminal damage reckless as to whether life was endangered," and the prosecution subsequently dropped it. Caton will be held in custody until September 25th, at which time he will be sentenced.

We'd imagine that Caton will still get a fair amount of jail time for this stunt, even with one of the charges being dropped. We're glad no one was killed, and we'd like to remind our readers that Rolls-Royce's are not meant to be used as battering rams.

[Source: Telegraph via Autoblog]