Audi’s interlocking-ring logo has weathered the years, hardly changing since the formation of the original Auto Union in 1932. With Volkswagen and Porsche's recent tie-up, however, as well as the ensuing Auto Union brand revival, some had wondered what would happen to Audi's logo, since that was originally used by Auto Union before it found its way onto the grilles at Audi. The answer: not much.

Now, in the automaker’s 100th year, an update to the appearance of the logo gives it a shinier, more defined look, with more angular surfaces and different lighting, but the four rings appear to be sticking with Audi. The Audi name also gets a simpler, more modern look with a plain sans-serif font and slightly darker red color.

Audi's old logo

Audi's old logo

The update comes just after the brand's centennial celebrations, but just before another pivotal transition in the brand's history--the rebirth of the Auto Union name. The Volkswagen Group, which owns the Auto Union brand, is planning to use the long-dormant name to represent its over-arching ten-brand structure, to help preserve the appearance of an independent Porsche.

The four interlocking rings originally signified the union of four auto makers, one of which was Audi itself. For more on the history of the Auto Union brand and logo, check out our previous story by clicking here.