The Goods - Jeremy Piven

The Goods - Jeremy Piven

What would you buy from Jeremy Piven? Our short list: backstage passes to a Molly Hatchet reunion, a set of old speakers he's "just not into" anymore, maybe Chris Kattan bitchslap lessons. (Leftover sushi? Depends on how literal you are.)

How about a used car? Not on a normal day, but this weekend's different: Piven's the lead in a new movie, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, and it's set on a used-car lot. Piven is Don Ready, who rolls into town to rescue a car dealership that has 24 hours to sell every rustbucket on its lot.

Need more convincing? Ving Rhames is his right-hand man. Will Ferrell produces. Chappelle's creator Neal Brennan directs. And Alan Thicke makes a cameo--yes, that Alan Thicke.

Hey, you're not going to the Pebble Beach Concours, are you? We promise a Madea-free zone. Ari Gold promises you a Madea-free zone. Word is bond. Now bring us popcorn.

[The Goods: Official movie Web site]