Okay, yes: technically, this site is called "Celebs and Cars", so ordinarily we wouldn't post a shot of some guy on a motorcycle -- except when that guy happens to be George Clooney, and he's got one of MTV Italy's hottest VJs riding bitch. (We can say that, right?)

However, we're not sure why Elisabetta Canalis looks so blasé about riding a cannoli's width away from one of Hollywood's hottest, ahem, cannolis. Maybe she's lost in thought, remembering that scene from Purple Rain where Prince or the Prince of Paisley or the Artist Formerly Known As Unpronounceable Made-Up Symbol pulled up to the bumper, let Apollonia (who just turned 50 and remains SMOKIN') off the back, gave her a quick peck, and left her wanting more. Maybe Elisabetta is wondering if the Cloonster will drive off into the sunset just as Mr. Lovesexy did, to become a similarly creepy, funked out Jehovah's Witness, much like a certain recently deceased pop singer.

If she were here with us, weeping into her spumoni, we'd take her hand and confide: "Nothing is certain, Elisabetta. These things happen. Take our advice and enjoy the moment before you head out for dinner on Lake Como, because we're pretty sure that the hostess at the restaurant will be younger and prettier than even you -- and you, cara mia, will be left holding the bill."

And for those who didn't get the Purple Rain reference, here's a refresher: