Sometimes we stumble across shots of people in cars, and we're told that they're celebrities, but honestly, we've never even heard of them. Fortunately for certain alleged stars (e.g. the entire Kardashian clan), we aren't the litmus test for celebrity status.

Our most recent case of "who the bejeebus is that?" involves young Emma Roberts here. Thankfully, we have access to a nifty tool called the internet, and after a quick Google or two, we now know more about the actress/singer than we'll ever be able to forget. For example: Roberts' career was kick-started on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous (we've never seen it, either). Also, she's Eric Roberts' daughter, and more importantly, Julia Roberts' niece. We say "more importantly" because her aunt's Hollywood A-list credentials will get her farther in than dad's Burbank C-list backstage pass. Not that Roberts the Younger won't get to the top on the strength of her own talents, of course.

So even though Emma doesn't quite qualify as a "celeb" in our book, we understand that she's achieved that status in the hearts and minds of America's tweens. And besides, when we saw these shots of her behind the wheel of a classic VW Beetle on the set of her upcoming film Valentine's Day, we kind of had to smile. Seriously: doesn't she look like her aunt before she got all creepy and movie-starred and full of herself, then quite rightly stepped away from all that? Yes, you've got a long road ahead of you, Emma, but your genes are strong (mostly). Stay true to the Beetle inside you.