The marriage of fashion and automobilia is a natural, if at times awkward, relationship. No mass-market manufacturer knows or exploits this fact better than Mercedes Benz, and now the fashion industry is returning the favor. Designed by Christian Audigier, branded by Ed Hardy and built by Empire Coachworks, the Ed Hardy Mercedes-Benz CL63 is a prime example.

The outside of the CL is the first thing that grabs the eye, with a rubberized, self-healing synthetic matte finish and Ed Hardy tattoo-style designs. Custom wheels a some unique aero pieces and lighting are all that's done to the exterior aside from the new hood scoop.

Inside, the car gets a complete custom build with black crocodile leather upholstery. The rear-seat armrest also feature a built-in wine bottle cooler for those times when the celebration just can't wait.

Empire Coachworks is a U.S.-based outfit that specializes in complete custom builds of everything from SUVs to stretch limos - but all extremely high-end and all built-to-order. It was Empire that approached Audigier and invited the designer to their New Jersey factory.

Once there, Audigier was so impressed with what he saw that the contracted with Empire to license out the Audigier and Ed Hardy labels for a range of custom vehicles.

Expect more joint creations from this pairing of speed and style, but don't expect them to adhere to conventional rules of automotive design wisdom.
Via: Autogespot