For many, the most enjoyable part of driving a high-end sports car can be that rumble coming from the exhaust pipes as you wind the engine up to its shrieking-point - but there are also times when you'd like to just sit in the car and listen to your favorite album on your way to your destination. For that latter experience, renowned German audio company Burmester has teamed up with Porsche to create a unique high-end sound system for the new 2010 Panamera.

If the name Burmester sounds familiar, it's because the company worked on a sound system for the horribly expensive Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The Veyron, coincidentally, is the only other car the company has been inspired to create an audio system for. The set-up for the Porsche Panamera promises to be every bit as exciting, and with a 16-speaker design we would hope so.

Each speaker in the custom system has its own separate amplifier, which can range from just 25 watts for the tweeter to a 300 watt subwoofer in the trunk. There is also an air-motion tweeter in the dashboard, and each amplifier is analog rather than digital for ultimate sound quality.

The result of all this technology is a sound experience second to none - and considering that it took the Burmester team around five years of tinkering around in a Cayenne to hone the art of in-car audio, the effort seems to have paid off with Porsche endorsing the technology after a demonstration from the company’s engineers.

For all that audio know-how, however, customers will be paying a pretty penny, with Burmester asking close to €5,000 ($7,000) for the basic system. If that sounds expensive, it might be worth considering that Burmester's audio systems for the home can stretch into the €100,000 range ($141,000).