Luxury tuning houses are no rare sight in the automotive world, especially in the UK where companies such as Project Kahn specialize in upgrading exotic models with both aerodynamic and mechanical modifications. Now, a new tuner by the name of Revere London is trying to get in on the luxury tuning action, and to prove that it can take on the already established houses it has just unveiled its first project - a heavily modified Range Rover Sport.

A number of modifications are available for the Range Rover Sport, including an aggressive new bodykit that gives the SUV some edge over the standard model. Up front, there is a custom Revere London front bumper that gives the appearance that the vehicle is sitting lower to the ground. There is also a new front grille, as well as color-coded side vents. At the rear, a custom bumper with tailpipe box replacements is also available.

Other cosmetic modifications offered are varying and comprehensive - for example, customers can choose to have the door handles color-matched with the rest of the body, or have the 'Range Rover' letters themselves painted or removed completely.

In terms of engine upgrades, there are a number of options available depending on what engine is in the particular model. ECU reprogramming for the range-topping 4.2L Supercharged V8 engine results in a lift to power of 410hp (305kW), and coupled with custom exhaust kits, upgraded Brembo brakes and new suspension components the Revere London Range Rover Sport should prove to be a little more fun than the standard model.

Finally, a raft of interior modifications is available, including high-quality leather upholstery and Alcantara lined steering wheels. Audio and visual upgrades are also available, along with items like custom umbrella holders and umbrellas.