As bankruptcy thrashes Chrysler vehicles' resale value the company is pulling out all the stops to keep sales up until it can emerge and join forces with Fiat. To help get feet on the floors of its remaining dealerships, the company is now reportedly getting ready to send out $1,000 certificates toward the purchase of a new car to all of its existing customers.

The move is a bold one, since the certificate is ostensibly in addition to all the price cuts and incentives already on the table at Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. Coming along with the $1,000 offer is a letter from CEO Bob Nardelli explaining the situation, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Though 789 of Chrysler's dealers will be shutting down in just a few weeks, they are still open for business in the interim, and the new incentive could help get rid of some of the inventory that will otherwise have to be purchased by Chrysler's remaining dealer network.

In all, about 9 million current Chrysler owners will be getting the certificates, putting the total value of the incentives at $9 billion if all of them were to exercise the option.