A special kind of justice was meted out in Britain on Wednesday, when Tom Riall, CEO of Serco - a speed camera supplier - was busted for driving more than 30mph (48km/h) above the speed limit. A court heard his case, fined him $450 and banned him from the road for six months.

It might seem like a harsh penalty, but the UK takes speeding seriously in general, and Riall, of all people, should be aware of the dangers. "I accept the decision of the court. I recognize that speeding is not acceptable and regret what I did," Riall told CNN.

The best part of the story: Riall wasn't caught by one of his own speed cameras, or any speed camera at all - instead, he was caught the old fashioned way: by a patrol car. While it's not proof that cameras are for revenue and actual police officers are for safety, it does go a long way toward illustrating the importance of having a watchful eye behind the ticket-writing power.

Serco is more tolerant of Riall's antics than the court was however. Riall will get to keep his job, but he will have to provide his own driver to get to work.