The future of automotive mobility is a question that has always captivated the mind of the carmaker and the driver alike. Today Audi takes its turn to give us a glimpse into what they think the future may hold, seen through the eyes of design students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and their "Intelligent Emotion" project concepts.

The project's goal was to envision the ways that alternative forms and fuels might be employed in the future, while balancing that with the long-standing needs of individual mobility. Audi isn't just looking into the issue for purely philosophical reasons, however.

“The next generation of employees is our future,” says Wolfgang Egger, Head of Audi Group Design. “That’s why sponsoring design students is one of our high priorities. ...The students have addressed the subject of mobility in the future with very well-conceived and lucidly presented approaches. Each concept, each model, contains at least one idea or feature that we could certainly conceive of as being included in a future production vehicle.”

It's not all engineering and science, however, as the "Intelligent Emotion" moniker suggests - it is engineering tempered with passion. “Emotion as a driving force must go hand in hand with responsibility as regulator. The students’ assignment was to develop aesthetic approaches that reflect the new ecological, technical and social issues while also portraying an Audi as an attractive, sporty automobile. The results are of very high creative quality and provide plenty of substance for intensive discussions.”

A book with the concepts and the commentary of Audi's chief designers has been made from the project, entitled "Audi Design Projekt" and available in stores from €29.90.