News that makes or breaks a carmaker's future isn't typically found in Danbury, Connecticut, but these aren't typical times. Saturn's Franchise Operations Team (FOT), a group of eight dealers, has a task force being led by Todd Ingersoll of Saturn of Danbury, and Ingersoll is saying that Saturn will live on.

"In the next three weeks, we will announce a long-term partnership that will provide Saturn with world-class cars," Ingersoll told the Danbury News Times. "Saturn is a brand that is beloved by consumers. We wanted to find another company that sees value in the brand. We think we've done it."

Ingersolls statements don't leave much room for misinterpretation - he's saying the Saturn brand will be changing hands to align with another carmaker and it will get new models after the two-year period during which it will wind down its association with General Motors' products.

Exactly who might be in the running for the brand or what structure the new Saturn alliance might take is still unclear, and coming on today of all days, it leaves us wondering if it will really happen at all, but if a brand like Saturn - formerly customer-driven, lately out of touch, but coming back around - can make it, there's hope for the industry yet.