Audi's TT platform has shown some seriously long legs, running in updated but still very familiar form from its debut in 1999 to the present. Now it's showing even more potential remains with the upgraded TTS and TT-RS models. But even that's not enough for the aftermarket, and MTM has answered the call with a 380hp (283kW) model based on the TTS.

The core of the MTM TTS is a heavily upgraded 2.0 TFSI four-banger with quattro AWD. With max boost pressure of 22.5psi (1.55bar) the engine is definitely working hard to crank out its 380hp (283kW) max power rating. Torque is typically turbo-tastic at 364lb-ft (494Nm). The 380hp variant gets its extra power from an upgraded MTM exhaust manifold, new turbocharger and air inlet upgrades.

Another version with a slightly less high-strung tune - though it still runs the same max boost pressure - wrings 330hp (246kW) out of the forced-induction four-pot. That's just 10hp (7kW) short of the TT-RS's turbo 2.5L five-cylinder.

Both cars get quattro AWD and S tronic direct-shift gearboxes, upgraded 8-piston 380x34mm Brembo brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires in 245/30 size. Other extras include upgraded MTM 20x9in wheels, lowering springs, and a body-colored rear spoiler.

If you want the extra go, you'll have to have money to blow, because the 330hp version starts at €63,103 ($83,472) including tax and installation fees, while the bigger brother runs €73,715 ($97,510).