In an ongoing series of price rises that threaten to take away any pretensions at the GT-R's 'budget' title, Nissan has topped the $80,000 mark for both base and premium models today. The initial pricing of the car was a scant $69,850 for the base model and $71,900 for the premium.

A price hike announced in September of 2008 jacked prices of the 2009 car up to $76,840 and $79,090, rises of about $7,000 each. Today's jump checks in at almost exactly $5,000 each, raising prices to $81,790 and $84,040, respectively.

That makes the 2010 Nissan GT-R about 17% more expensive than the initial 2009 models - a major price rise considering the performance is nearly identical - a nominal rise of 5hp is included in the new sticker price, but it's likely just a stiffened claim on the car's existing output.

New software in the 2010 models supposedly improves the car's use of the transmission, though it does away with certain features found in the original car as well.

Nissan is still calling the GT-R a value proposition, but as it draws within shouting distance of the 638hp (476kW) Corvette ZR-1, one has to start asking if it's really worth it.