Love them or hate them, tuners are here to stay, and sometimes they even manage to improve the cars they tackle. Take the new JMS VW Scirocco for example. Though they recognize the difficulty in improving on a dramatically styled new car like the Scirocco, they've managed to make some basic changes that yield a nice overall package.

The most dramatic of the changes is a lowering job - 55mm in front and 45mm in the rear. That's about 25mm - one inch - greater than the standard tuner lowering, and it gives the JMS Scriocco a very low-slung, mean look. The lowering is done by a special H&R coil over kit that not only slams the car to the ground, but improves handling as well.

Racing wheels sized 19x8.5in have been stuck under all four corners, shod in 235/35 rubber for balanced handling. A custom muffler enhances sound and frees up a few ponies as well. Quad tips from Eisenmann Exhaust Systems give the car a unique look.

And finally a JMS-developed bodykit adds a 'racelook' front lip spoiler that lowers the front edge of the car by another 3cm, plus a rear apron with diffuser and real carbon inserts.

The whole bundle will set you back about €3,266 ($4,180), and it's available now.