Porsche, the once unassailable leader in the sports car segment, has proven that it is not completely shielded from the current economic crisis sweeping the globe. In an official statement, Porsche has revealed that the first six-months of the 2008/2009 financial year have not exactly been smooth sailing.

Earlier this year Porsche experienced an overall 27% decline in sales, and the latest communication from the company reveals that its mid-engined roadster, the Boxster, has been the hardest hit with sales down around 60%, from almost 10,000 units last year to barely 4,000 units this year. Meanwhile, sales of the 911 also fell, but not quite as dramatically as that of the Boxster. Last year Porsche sold 16,261 examples of the 911, and this year they managed to sell 13,543, marking a drop in sales of around 15%.

Porsche blames the fall in sales on the "general downwards trend of the global automotive industry", and the extremely poor performance of the Boxster is expected to improve when the facelifted Boxster and Cayman models are able to regain ground again in the second half of the financial year.

Meanwhile, the company is also expecting sales of its Cayenne to improve with the introduction of a new diesel model which arrived at dealers just a few days ago. Compared to last year, sales of the Cayenne have fallen by around 15%, but the new diesel model should see the hedonistic sports SUV enter the public's good books soon enough.