It's 2009, nine years into the new millenium. We were supposed to be driving anti-gravity cars and watching holographic television while kicking back in our ultra-high-rise space apartments. But alas, it turns out 2009 isn't so different from 1999. Except for the holographic part.

Australian digital signage company Prime Digital Media (PDM) has teamed up with Audi to deliver the world's first life-size holographic assistant, stationed in the Audi Centre Sydney. Named simply the Holographic Virtual Assistant, the device uses a 10mm sheet of perspex - plexiglas - as the holographic medium.

The technology underpinning the holographic assistant is understandably being kept close for the time being.

As for what the holographic assistant will do, Audi envisions it delivering targeted messages to customers while at the dealership and offering an entertaining way to inform visitors about Audi's products. At the very least it stands as a shining example of Audi's dedication to technological excellence.

There has been no announcement about plans to expand the display to other Audi dealerships around the world, but as with all pilot technologies, if it proves successful, expect to see a whole lot more of it.