Factory-installed options such as blind spot warning systems, park-assist radars and automatic headlights are often only available on luxury cars, and that too at a premium price. Now, French automotive parts supplier Valeo has unveiled a range of new driving and parking assistance devices that can be installed on almost any vehicle, improving safety and making the cars easier to drive.

Valeo's latest product consists of a new speedometer that displays the vehicle's speed directly on the windscreen in the driver's line of sight. According to Valeo, this removes the need for the driver to look down towards their speedo and thus remove attention from the road.

The system, marketed as the 'speed-visio', uses an electronic control unit to transmit the vehicle's speed to a screen positioned on the dashboard. The screen projects the speed onto an oval-shaped film placed on the windscreen in the driver's line of sight. The speedometer reading and the projected speed are initially synchronized when the vehicle is at a standstill and the speed reading can be made even in bright conditions as the brightness of the LED is adjusted according to the ambient light.

Drivers can also set a speed limit for their journey, at which point visual and/or audible alerts inform the driver whenever the preset speed is exceeded.

The speed-visio is just one of Valeo's aftermarket products, and others integrate reversing cameras and radars to assist with parking and driving. The company also provides a lane departure warning system as well as an automatic headlight system. The full range can be seen here, but according to Valeo the company only has sales outlets in Germany, France and the UK.