Volkswagen has updated the engine lineup for its Touareg SUV to reduce its fuel consumption by up to 9%, as well as offering a new special edition based on the North Sails concept. The SUV concept was a design study built in partnership with leading sail manufacturer North Sails, and featured a unique pearl white finish, 19in alloy wheels, a custom bumper with integrated fog lights, and aquamarine blue colored lights replacing the yellow indicators.

Inside, the cabin was dressed up with natural teak wood flooring panels, Alcantara roof lining, seat upholstery made of plush velvet and Nappa leather. Adding to the maritime theme were the aluminum highlights with North Sail badges, American walnut veneer trim, a white center console and metal door sills. The concept also featured a bicycle, which neatly stored in the rear compartment.

The production variant of the North Sails special edition is markedly less opulent, with a white paint job, 19in alloy wheels, a sun roof, silver roof rails, bi-xenon headlamps and darkened windows in the rear. There are also a number of 'North Sails' badges on the car to identify it as a special edition model. So far it has only been announced for sale in Europe where it will be listed from €56,450.

For the rest of the Touareg range, revising the power steering system pumps, altering the gear ratios and other such modifications helped to make the vehicle more efficient, and in the end make it appeal to customers still stinging from the fuel crisis.