Most German tuners usually stick with modifying European cars but one company, GeigerCars, has a well-documented obsession with the American muscle car. Now the firm has taken the new Dodge Challenger and worked it over, adding more power and style.

While the base model Dodge Challenger SE comes with a modest 250hp (186kW) V6 engine, GeigerCars declares on its website that this is “totally inadequate”. Even the 375hp (280kW) R/T version and the 425hp (317kW) SRT8 are both a little too lukewarm for the German tuner, which is just as well considering that Geiger had a few 'Kompressorkits' laying around.

Using the powers of forced induction, Geiger takes the SRT8 Challenger and gives it a healthy 569hp (424kW), delivered at 6,300rpm. Meanwhile, almost 500lb-ft (680Nm) of torque will be sent to the massive 22in rear tires, which should help the SRT8 to kick up a little more smoke than it is currently capable of.

To make sure the car sounds as impressive as it will perform, Geiger is also including a stainless steel exhaust system for €1,990 ($2,560) that will ensure a "truly magnificent" sound for the interior passengers and command respect from everyone else on the road.

Meanwhile, stopping power comes from a high-performance braking system priced at €6,644 ($8,550). For the money, Geiger will include six-pot front calipers and four-pot rear calipers, along with sizeable 380mm brake discs up front and 355mm brake discs at the rear. To help the car glide through corners an adjustable H&R suspension system will also be available for an extra €1,529 ($1,967).