A growing demand for more fuel efficient cars in the United States, as well as impending CAFE regulations, may prompt German luxury carmaker BMW to bring a diesel variant of its redesigned 7-Series to the North American market.

The news came from BMW's president of North American operations, Jim O'Donnell, who admitted that such a move wasn't originally in the carmaker’s plans but considering the changing economic climate and buying habits of consumers the group will "look at it". BMW already plans to sell new clean diesel variants of the 3-Series and X5 in the U.S., and expanding this to include the 7-Series would make sense for the Munich-based manufacturer.

O'Donnell acknowledged the improvements that have been made in diesel technology over the years, and mentioned that when U.S. dealers were in Germany a couple of weeks ago to test-drive the new 7-Series, many of them "didn't even know they were driving a diesel" but they all told O'Donnell "they wanted it".

Currently, the redesigned 7-Series is set to go on sale in the U.S. by March, but was revealed earlier this year at the Paris Motor Show in October. For now BMW only plans to offer V8 petrol variants of the 7-Series limo in the U.S., however in European markets the 730d turbodiesel is one of the top sellers, reports AutomotiveNews. The 730d is powered by a 3.0L twin-turbocharged straight-six diesel engine churning out 245hp (183kW).

A BMW board member, Friedrich Eichiner, was reluctant to provide any concrete details but mentioned that introducing a diesel variant of the 7-Series to the U.S. market was "a possibility".