Retailers like Nieman Marcus are well-known for offering special editions of vehicles around the holidays, and just last Friday Bloomingdale's announced they would be offering a special edition Infiniti G37 Convertible. Now Wal-Mart's bulk-package store Sam's Club is getting in on the act, offering a special edition of a Hybrid Technologies all-electric sports car based on an upgraded Mullen GT.

While a similar car is typically sold as the Liv Rush by Hybrid Technologies, the Sam's Club model will be a significantly upgraded version. Billed as a "once in a lifetime chance" by Sam's Club, the car bears impressive stats: 150mph (240km/h) top speed, 0-60mph (96km/h) in 5 seconds and a driving range of up to 200mi (320km) - stats all very close to the Tesla Roadster, in a package that looks fairly similar, and bears a price just $9,000 shy of the Menlo Park company's product at $100,000. Though hanging tight with the Tesla Roadster is no mean feat, it falls somewhat short of the Sam's Club pitch of being the "World's Ultimate Electric Super Car Package."

In addition to the car, however, the first Sam's Club member to complete the purchase online November 12 will get a first-class flight and accommodations to Los Angleles, where they will receive their car at a 'professional racetrack' and have to opportunity to drive the car to its maximum potential. Afterward, Hybrid Technologies will ship the car to the buyer's residence.