The phrase “it’s a doozy” is a fairly well known saying but most people wouldn’t have the faintest idea where this term originated. It in fact was born in the 1920’s describing the awe people had for cars built under the Duesenberg label in America. The Duesenberg line of cars were bought by only the wealthiest people in the US and the brand was backed up by wins in the European Grand Prix.

Now that born-again luxury brands like Maybach and Bugatti are doing so well, it comes as no surprise that the American legend is to be returned to production. The original cars such as the 1930’s Duesenburg Model J featured a 265hp straight-8 engine with double overhead camshafts and could reach speeds of up to 119mph. The brand is slated to be launched in January next year with new cars being built off a donor chassis. Rumour has it that a Mercedes Benz CL platform will be used.

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