Pit-stops during Formula One or NASCAR races are one the most time crucial situations in any field. A matter of seconds can determine whether a team succeeds or fails, and is similar to the stressful climate of a hospital’s emergency room. Doctors realized that time is vital for both ER staff and motor-racing pit-crews, and this in turn motivated hospitals to change the way things are currently being done.

Pit-crews are perfectly synchronized with each member and their tools, and move about the car in well organized and rehearsed patterns. Of course it’s difficult to practice in the ER, as everyday has the potential to be completely different to the previous, but still there’s much to be gained. According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, a doctor at a hospital in the UK was inspired after watching an F1 race on TV when he recognized the number of similarities between the routines of the pit-crew and staff in the ER.

The doctor went so far as to contact Ferrari to learn about how the hospital staff could improve the process. People from Ferrari filmed the doctors at work and then analyzed the videos to see what steps could be taken to improve timing and coordination. Ferrari gave suggestions on staff training, temperament, synchronization and time-management, which has now been implemented in many hospitals across the UK.

[Source: Lunch over IP]