After originally introducing the technology back in 1999, Mercedes Benz has installed an updated version of its ride handling feature for its new CL. Active Body Control works by automatically adjusting the suspension firmness depending on the current driving situation. ABC provides a solution to the dilemma manufacturers encounter when deciding on either a soft and comfortable suspension that’s slow around corners, or one that’s firm but quicker.

Electronically controlled plunger cylinders set-up around the shock absorbers, move in an attempt to compensate for yawing, pitching and rolling when a car goes round a bend. The new system fully adjusts in a fraction of a second plus it weighs less and has reduced installation space. Body roll is said to be reduced up to 45 percent.

The driver can select the level of comfort or performance at the touch of a button. In addition to the suspension enhancement, new changes to the transmission increase acceleration times and help to provide a more compliant ride overall. Three different modes can be selected, either comfort, sport and manual, the latter allows the driver to select when the tranny shifts gears. Finally, when terrain starts to get rough, the driver can raise the car’s height a full 45 millimetres.