Despite the rising popularity of the Volvo brand in many markets, sales in the critical US segment (roughly 30 percent of total sales) have fallen 11.1 percent last year and are already down 9.3 percent this year. A depreciating US dollar is further worsening the situation for cash strapped parent, Ford Motor Company, who may be forced to sell the Swedish marque, reports AutoWeek.

Under is current development plan, only the S40 and S60 vehicles will remain without significant change until at least 2009. The only vehicles that will not be affected are the C70 convertible and top-end S80 sedan. Any sale of the brand will cause the cancellation of several models because Ford has no intentions of platform sharing with any buyer.

The models in question are likely to be the next generation V70, XC70, XC50, and S60, which are expected to use Ford’s EUCD platform. Ford has not confirmed that it won’t share any technologies with a third party, but it’s highly unlikely. Currently these new models are scheduled for release in by 2008 with the S60 on hold until 2009.