We have some new information on the sinister looking Galmer Arbitrage GT supercar, which is scheduled for a 2008 launch. The vehicle features a full carbon-fiber body, 7L mid-mounted LS7 V8 and a rather roomy cockpit by supercar standards. Further, you can even option it with a digital touchscreen interface, a Pioneer AV unit and navigation system plus full accessories. The designers have gone so far as to include fingerprint recognition for entry into the vehicle.

Cobra International will build only 350 units of the Arbitrage GT with 250 cars lined up for US delivery. The goal was to create a vehicle that is everything a supercar should be, including the mandatory fancy doors, but should also be a livable daily-driver. Utilizing a Gearfox six-speed transmission, the Arbitrage GT is capable of delivering 505hp although there’s the potential for almost 800hp from the Chevrolet sourced engine.

For US models, the vehicle will come pre-assemble from Thailand because of the enormous homologation costs over here. The body will come without any power train and many of the parts will have to be sourced from Thailand. We wonder if the recent military coup will affect any of the Galmer’s production plans.


Source: Galmer | Via Jalopnik